About Me

Hey, I’m Lindsay. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I’m an artist, photographer and collector of hobbies. I am always creating something, whether digitally, through a camera, through a piece of leather or wood, or something else that’s caught my fancy. I think that the things we make can communicate so much more than their basic function, and so my work is made with that belief. A photograph can be so much more than a moment in time. A sketch can demonstrate a lot more than the basic rendering of an idea. A piece of furniture can serve a greater purpose beyond that which it was designed for. Being able to see the possibilities of a creative idea, and communicate those possibilities, that’s why I create things.

By day, I work as an athletic therapist, empowering athletes to perform their best and maintain their bodies. I teach how to get the most of a person’s athletic potential, and help clients overcome whatever challenges they have in their athletic career. By night, I make things. I’m largely self-taught, inspired by artists and makers who carve their own path.

My intention is to help you communicate ideas. If you’re looking for an image to inspire a feeling, a photo to highlight a unique slice of life, or a design meant to shake up a space, you’ve found the right person. If you’re looking how to think more creatively, how to leverage that sometimes elusive inner well, well, my goal is to try and show you how to do it.

I love talking process with others, so I’d love it if you got in touch with me. My door is open, let’s make some cool stuff.


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