I’ve Started a Threadless Shop

As a creator, we are our own worst critics. Inevitably, nothing we make is ever good enough. No one would ever want to buy insert thing we’ve made here. But I’m hoping to change that, and actually grow and benefit from my work beyond the learning and fun I have with it. Thus, selling my work.

I’m starting with a shop on Threadless. I’ve been a fan for years, they have good quality products, and ever since they announced their artist’s shop program, I’ve been thinking about jumping in. But I’m finally doing it. I’m starting simple, just some of my photos, with accompanying hand lettering. But I’m planning to branch out and add more illustration work. Motivation to keep making, and motivation to keep practicing. Winning all around!

I’d be grateful if you could check it out, and maybe share it with anyone who might like what you see. And of course, I’m new at all of this, so feedback and reviews would be highly appreciated.

Stay creative friends.